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As every client's needs are unique, so is every team we assemble at ASD Experts

Dr. M. Dreikorn
ASD Experts

ASD Experts is a forum of top notch professionals from the aviation, space, defense (AS&D) and maritime industries that come together as the perfect team for each client. We offer complete project management of the assigned experts, ensuring work product is developed to the highest level of quality and schedules of the client. At ASD Experts, the three words that are key is selecting the right experts for client engagements are Responsive, Credible, and Relevant.


By engaging ASD Experts, the challenge of managing experts is simplified and quality improved. Contact ASD Experts today for your expert litigation / investigation / analysis support team.

Areas of Expertise

  • General Aviation Production
  • Commercial Aviation Production
  • Space Vehicle Production
  • Military Product Production
  • Navy Vessel Production
  • Ship building
  • Navel port operations
  • FAA Oversight
  • DCMA Oversight
  • Design Control (Including engineering analysis)
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Supplier Controls
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Product Certification
  • Air Traffic Control Operations
  • Airport Design and Operations
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Nondestructive Testing / Evaluationv
  • Special Process Controls (Incl. Nadcap)
  • Tooling Controls
  • Contract Compliance
  • False Claims
  • ...and others.


We pride ourselves on being responsive to client needs. ASD Experts applies robust project management skills to ensure support services are delivered as required. We also believe that a client should not be in the dark about work progress. So, we'll always do our best to keep clients informed.


ASD Experts will never allow an expert to offer support or opinion to areas outside of their expertise and credentials.


As the industry changes so must the knowledge base of experts. ASD Experts engages associates that remain active in the industry and continue to provide value. There is little worse than that of an outdated expert providing opinion. That will never happen with ASD Experts.


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GIVE US A CALL 1-239-283-2839

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