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Areas of Support - Aviation, Space, Defense and Maritime

Aviation, Space, Defense and Maritime Expert Services

Our AS&D and Maritime expert services can provide you with the technical experts from various professional disciplines to perform analysis of the facts and represent their findings at your request. Our credibility in the industry is founded upon our rich experience and unquestionable integrity.

All of our experts are professionally recognized and credentialed in their respective fields. To remain relevant, our experts continue to be active and provide value in their respective industry segments.

ASD Experts has capabilities in the following areas:
  • Aerospace production and quality
  • Airline maintenance
  • Aircraft owner, pilot and mechanic responsibilities
  • FAA regulatory issues
  • DoD procurement issues
  • NASA procurement issues
  • Admiralty requirements and processes
  • Maritime operations
  • Contract compliance
  • False claims (Government contracts)
  • Product liability in manufacturing and maintenance
  • Supplier responsibilities
  • Management responsibilities
  • Personnel skills and training
  • Human factors
  • Safety management systems
  • International re-sourcing
  • Procurement processes
  • Air traffic operations
  • Engineering analysis
  • Design certification
  • Production certification
  • Nondestructive testing / evaluation
  • Special process controls
  • Accident reconstruction

ASD Experts are the right experts to be part of your litigation team.

Human Factor

Areas of Support - Human Factors

Human Factors Expert Services

Human factors studies human capabilities, system analysis and design, process control and automation, skill acquisition, information processing and display, operator workload, and task-induced stress, human-computer interaction, environmental effects on performance, and accident prevention. Our experts at ASD Experts provide insight and understanding as to how human factors may relate to a specific situation and/or case.

Areas of specialized ASD Experts capabilities in human factors include:
  • Management direction
  • Work-place environment
  • Organizational culture
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training processes
  • Work flow documentation
  • Equipment design
  • Technical data exchange
  • Requirements flow down
  • Production and maintenance processes
  • Supplier control

ASD Experts applies validated scientific methods to conduct its Human Factors analysis and has a demonstrated track record of conveying to lay persons related implications and conclusions.


Areas of Support - Risk Management

Risk Management Expert Services

Risk management entails organized activity to manage uncertainty and threats and involves people following procedures and using tools in order to ensure conformance with risk-management policies.

Risk management is also used to identify and mitigate risk to critical infrastructure. ASD Experts and its parent consulting organization, The IPL Group, provide subject matter experts and structured process for identifying and facilitating the development of risk mitigation plans. Especially when applied as a proactive approach to reducing litigation, our expert risk management services provide tangible value creation by reducing exposure.

For the most part, risk management methodologies consist of the following elements, performed, more or less, in the following order
  • Identify assets and identify which are most critical
  • Identify, characterize, and assess threats
  • Assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats
  • Determine the risk (i.e. the expected consequences of specific types of attacks on specific assets)
  • Identify ways to reduce those risks
  • Prioritize risk reduction measures based on a strategy
Risk may include:
  • Financial
  • Market share
  • Human safety
  • Product liability
  • Regulatory liability
  • Environmental
  • Others...
ASD Experts follows ISO 31000 principles of risk management:
  • Risk management should create value.
  • Risk management should be an integral part of organizational processes.
  • Risk management should be part of decision making.
  • Risk management should explicitly address uncertainty.
  • Risk management should be systematic and structured.
  • Risk management should be based on the best available information.
  • Risk management should be tailored.
  • Risk management should take into account human factors.
  • Risk management should be transparent and inclusive.
  • Risk management should be dynamic, iterative and responsive to change.
  • Risk management should be capable of continual improvement and enhancement.

Some of the simplest of risks to recognize are frequently ignored because the organization is too close to the issues. The IPL Group deploys a structured approach to risk identification and to re-mediation planning. The most difficult to characterize risks typically come from organizational culture. ASD Experts has the technical, regulatory, industrial, and human resource capabilities to effective identify risk, including those that may stem from organizational culture.

The IPL Group LLC/ASD Experts can provide you with the experienced talent to quickly identify and minimize your technical and business risks.

Areas of Support - Supplier Management

Areas of Support - Supplier Management

Supplier Management Expert Services

With the ever increasing dependence on suppliers, organizations must ensure their best interests are in the forefront. Given the global nature and shortage of key skills within the aviation, space, defense (AS&D), and maritime industries, the task of effective supplier management is becoming critically challenged. ASD Experts provides demonstrated capability to identify risks and strengths within a supply chain and facilitate the effective development of mitigation and sourcing plans. Regardless if a supplier-customer relationship is new or mature, we provide expert perspective to accurately measure health.

The key to our services is structured process and discipline. Whether an organization is seeking reliable suppliers, interested in acquiring businesses, engaging in mergers, participating in joint ventures, or committing themselves to a strategic supplier, a comprehensive and robust due diligence process should always be performed. Together with its consulting parent organization, The IPL Group, ASD Experts offers a comprehensive business process, manufacturing capability, environmental, health and safety, regulatory compliance, and product liability assessment process.

Our due diligence services augment your financial assessments by:
  • Assessing production and maintenance capabilities
  • Evaluating nondestructive and special processes
  • Identifying production, maintenance, and operational risk
  • Assessing workforce capabilities
  • Assessing policies and procedures to determine risk and capability
  • Assessing technical data flows
  • Assessing contractual documents
  • Assessing supplier controls to determine risk and capability
  • Assessing compliance to applicable regulatory requirements
  • Assessing product liability issues

Our industry is global, and so are the experts at ASD Experts.

areas of support - responsibiltiy

Areas of Support - Management Responsibility

Management Responsibility Expert Services

At the root of all performance (favorable or negative) is management discretion. Managers choose their systems, suppliers, people, and allocate resources. They also create the environment and subsequently foster the culture of the organization. ASD Experts provides proactive services to identify potential management direction issues that may influence organizational compliance to requirements. This is often referred to as higher authority intervention. It's frequently these improper actions of higher authorities that bring unwanted consequences to organizations. ASD Experts can help your organization identify the high risk areas and facilitate the development of mitigation plans.

Revisions to civil aviation regulations and the mandates Safety Management Systems, place stronger emphasis on management responsibilities within organizational systems. We understand the requirements, know the industry, and can help your organization effectively manage without risk of violation.

ASD Experts can also support litigation needs when the management of an organization has applied improper discretion and caused harm. Within the AS&D and maritime industries there are management standards that we understand and have the experience to apply in individual cases.

Management responsibility resides throughout all aspects of the industry and in organizations. Areas include:
  • Contracts
  • Design verification and validation
  • Adequate staffing
  • Work design
  • Supplier agreements
  • Supplier control
  • Production processes
  • Maintenance processes
  • Operations activities
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Product review processes
  • Resource planning and execution
  • ...and many others.

The experts of ASD Experts have real technical and leadership experience.


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