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With a client list spanning the most recognized names in the industry, Dr. Michael Dreikorn and his team at ASD Experts have earned a reputation for delivering Responsive, Credible, and Relevant expert support in the Aviation, Space, Defense (AS&D) and Maritime industries.  For each project, we assemble the most capable team of AS&D experts to support the unique needs of each client.

When you hire ASD Experts, you simply hire the best experts in the Aviation, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry.

Our experts have real industry experience, as well as, real experience in providing expert reports and testimony.  Some of our areas of expertise include: FAA Regulatory Compliance; Government and Industry Standards; Product (aircraft and military products) Design, Manufacturing, Procurement (Supplier Management), Quality Assurance, and Maintenance; Government Contracts; Aircraft Operations; Airport Design and Operations; Management Responsibility; Professional Responsibilities; and Human Factors. Click on our areas of support tab for more information.






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